Max Vento is an illustrator and comic-book artist located in Barcelona, Spain. He is the author of four graphic novels of the series ‘Actor Aspirante’, published by Dolmen Editorial, and co-author of the collaborative album ‘Valentia’, published by Norma. He recently published with the writer Ricardo Vilbor Le Vieil Homme et les Narcos’ (Nouveau Monde Graphic) in France, Belgium and, very soon, in Spain and Mexico.

He has been nominated for ‘Best New Author’ and ‘Best Spanish Book’ awards at Barcelona’s Salón del Cómic and Madrid’s Expocomic.

Max is currently drawing short stories for Jot Down Kids magazine, preparing a book for the series ‘Wizard How to draw’ ( Dolmen), and and working on a new graphic novel for young adults for the publisher Bang.  

Max Vento



Nominations at the Barcelona Comic-Con

  • Best New Author, 27th Edition

  • Best New Author, 28th Edition


Nominations at the Madrid Comic-Con

  • Best Spanish Book

  • Best New Author


Nominations by the Critics’ Award

  • Best Spanish Book

  • Best Writer